Caernarfon Art Exhibition

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Caernarfon Art Exhibition

Pembrokeshire-based artist, Jill Jones will launch her latest Caernarfon Art Exhibition on 4th May 2024. It will run throughout May and finally close on 15th June. Having the uplifting title of ‘Joy’, Jill’s new exhibition will show her subtle skills with colour and shade and include a wide range of paintings covering captivating and alluring subjects.

The exhibition is being held at Caernarfon’s newest, independent art gallery, ‘Celf Palas’, in Palace Street, run by Life: Full Colour. Fundamentally, the gallery’s aim is provide a platform for talented Welsh and international artists to share their work. Fundamentally, its mission is to make art accessible to all.

Caernarfon Art Exhibition: Celf Palas art gallery
Celf Palas art gallery

About Jill Jones

Jill gained a degree in fine art in the 1980s and also trained in design. Subsequently, post-degree, she had a successful career in commercial art. Now, however, going back to her first love, she concentrates on producing fine works of art. She also welcomes commissioned pieces. For information on commissions, click here.

Jill works in her custom-built facility, West Coast Studio, in Talbenny, near Little Haven in Pembrokeshire. Also, the studio acts as a gallery for many of her original paintings. Visitors are welcome to call in and browse originals, prints and greetings cards 7 days a week.

Caernarfon Art Exhibtion: 'Cliff Splash Sashays'
‘Cliff Splash Sashays’ an example of an exhibit

Come and visit

Just to clarify the dates of the

Just to clarify the dates of Jill’s upcoming Caernarfon Art Exhibition … “Joy” runs from 4th May to 15th June 2024. Your contacts for more information are:

Jill Jones on 01437 781386 /

Sara McKee on 01286 678 211 /

We hope you can come along to visit. You’re sure of a warm, Welsh welcome!

Yn ni’n gobeithio galla ti ymweld. Byddech chi’n bod yn sîwr o croeso cymraeg poeth.