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Art Commissions in Pembrokeshire

Art Commissions in Pembrokeshire

Art Commissions in Pembrokeshire are available from Jill Jones. A favourite view or place, perhaps your treasured home – all can be painted especially for you. Your first task is to contact Jill to discuss your project. Then you simply provide a photograph or location of a favourite view, coastal or rural and Jill will paint it. Uniquely just for you! You can phone Jill for a chat on 01437 781386 about the painting you would like specially creating. Size-wise, Jill’s works are in the medium sized bracket, ranging roughly from 40cm x 40 cm to 75cm x 75 cm and in between.

A commission (part way through) with the subject of a rather grand house at Llanteglos, Pembrokeshire

You may also consider art commissions in Pembrokeshire to mark a special occasion. For example, perhaps a memorable birthday is approaching, an anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day? A unique gift of a framed painting prepared especially for you is sure to delight the fortunate recipient.

Art commissions in Pembrokeshure: 'Achddu'
Another example of art commissions in Pembrokeshire: ‘Achddu’ (seclusion)

Art Classes in Pembrokeshire

As well as art commissions in Pembrokeshire, art classes are also available at Jill’s custom-built, West Coast Studio. Courses go under the name of ‘Art Your Way’. They are suitable for beginners and more experienced painters alike. In addition, they have a duration of a half day or full day to suit individual needs. Careful thought has gone into the formualtion of Jill’s art classes. As a result, this ensures that participants have an enjoyable, invigorating and educational time. The courses will last a half day or a full day and will feature seascapes, abstracts and Pembrokeshire places.

Art commissions in Pembrokeshire: West Coast  Studio
West Coast Studio where ‘Art Your Way’ classes take place

Contact Jill for details

Feel free to contact Jill for details of both Art Commissions in Pembrokeshire and Art Your Way art classes.

Telephone or email using the details at the link below.

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