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Art in Pembrokeshire: introducing Jill Jones

Art in Pembrokeshire: Jill Jones is a recent arrival amongst the art community in Wales. Based in Pembrokeshire, she has already begun to have a big impact. As a result her studies of Pembrokeshire life and environment have found an eager audience. In fact, her works now feature in a number of Welsh art galleries in both north and south.

Art in Pembrokeshire: Snowy School House by Pembrokeshire Artist Jill Jones
Art in Pembrokeshire: ‘Snowy School House’

Jill’s original paintings include sea vistas and more bucolic studies, such as the distinctive local cottages. In addition, they also feature Pembrokeshire coastal scenes. Also landmarks of historical and cultural significance. Her works take inspiration from the endless skies and multi-hued seasons of Pembrokeshire.

Art in Pembrokeshire: Splash by Pembrokeshire Artist Jill Jones
Art is Pembrokeshire: ‘Splash’

Oils, acrylics and water colours are the media with which Jill works. She is equally adept in all of the three. You are able to see her paintings at her Art in Pembrokeshire exhibition in West Coast Studio. In addition, she is now featuring in four Welsh galleries. The custom-built studio is in Talbenny, West Wales, close to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Jill’s art is largely impressionistic in nature. Skillfully blended colours and sweeping brush strokes typify the results.

Art in Pembrokeshire: By the Sea by Jill Jones, Pembrokeshire Artist
Art in Pembrokeshire: ‘By the Sea’

Art in Pembrokeshire: Commissions welcomed

Jill is happy to accept clients’ painting commissions. Many people visit Pembrokeshire all-year-round. For most visitors, this is a most memorable experience. As a result, many choose to return home with a treasured memento.

Jill’s commissions are very affordable. Just inform her of your favourite view in Pembrokeshire, coastal or rural. Alternatively, provide a photograph of a location. Once a rate has been agreed, Jill will set to work just for you! You’ll take away an evocative memory of your Pembrokeshire trip visit. A unique ‘Art in Pembrokeshire’ memento to be cherished and valued for many years ahead.

In fact, all you need do is phone or email Jill with your requirements, using the link below

Art in Pembrokeshire: Get in touch.

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