Pembrokeshire Art Classes and Tuition

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Pembrokeshire Art Classes and Tuition

Pembrokeshire art classes and tuition are provided by Jill Jones. Jill runs the courses at at West Coast Studio, which is, in fact, a custom-made studio in Talbenny, near Little Haven, on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Indeed, the courses are suitable for beginners and more experienced painters alike. Furthermore, they have a duration of up to a half day or full day, to suit individual needs.

Art classes include Pembrokeshire cottages
Pembrokeshire art classes include studies of Pembrokeshire cottages

Pembrokeshire art classes: format

Careful thought has gone into the planning of Jill’s Pembrokeshire art classes and tuition. This planning ensures that participants have a pleasant, invigorating and educational time.

The courses will last a half day or a full day and will feature seascapes and Pembrokeshire places. The day will go like this:

  • Welcome to West Coast Studio. Jill will greet you and bring you into the studio.
  • The day starts with an introduction to each other / the group. We then move on to:
  • Session 1: During Pembrokeshire art classes, together we’ll begin to ‘build’ your art. Jill’s tuition will offer handy tips for painting sky and sea or simple land techniques. Jill will also demonstrate the use of colour, observation of light, depth and perspective. Your confidence will develop along with your brush techique as you create your art.
  • Session 2: Following further Pembrokeshire art tuition by Jill, we will add layers to your painting. This includes exploring colour and shading, adding highlights, shadows and texture.
  • On the half-day, at a suitable point in our works, we’ll take a refreshment break during which tea, coffee or cold drinks and homemade cakes will be served. (Please advise any food intolerances in advance.)
  • On the full day, the benefit of more studio time means we will be able enhance detail and develop techniques in our paintings. The full day includes an hour’s break for a light lunch. This will consist of homemade soup, home baked bread and hot or cold drinks. (Please advise any food intolerances in advance.)

Contact Jill

To discuss Pembrokeshire art classes or to arrange tuition phone or email Jill.

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