Pembrokeshire Art Galleries newest addition: Llanteglos

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Pembrokeshire Art Galleries newest addition: Llanteglos

Pembrokeshire art galleries. A new art gallery opened in South Pembrokeshire on Saturday, September 19th, 2020. Its name? Oriel Llanteglos Gallery, in Llanteg, near Tenby and minutes from the golden sands of Amroth.

Pembrokeshire art galleries
Llanteglos art gallery

Llanteglos art gallery

Proprietor, Denise Vickery signed the lease for Oriel Llanteglos Art Gallery in February 2020. It’s aim is to bring together the best of Welsh artists, potters, sculptors and creatives. In addition, it will display statement pieces from far afield. However, the lockdown came putting on hold all Denise’s plans.

Now, at last, Denise is delighted to add this new creative venture to existing Pembrokeshire art galleries. Llanteglos art gallery will be open 6 days a week during high season. Furthermore, its aim is to showcase both established and up and coming artists with regular exhibitions.

Local art and artists

Llanteglos Art Gallery will feature works by Welsh local as well as national artists. Amongst these, Jill Jones, based in Pembrokeshire will be exhibiting.

Pembrokeshire art galleries

‘Pembrokeshire Seaside Cottage’: by Jill Jones and featured in Llanteglos art gallery

Said Jill. “I am delighted to display my works at Llanteglos art gallery. Denise has many years’ experience in collating vibrant and individual pieces. Indeed, she previously co-set up and ran the well-known Mimosa Gallery in Llandeilo. Involvement in her new venture at Llanteglos Art Gallery is quite a thrill for me”

Jill works exclusively from her studio in far-flung West Wales. In fact, her studio is but a stones throw from the ocean. Indeed, this nearness to Pembrokeshire’s renowned and beautiful coastline informs and inspires much of her work. In addition, Jill paints evocative images of iconic Pembrokeshire landmarks and places. In particular the distinctive cottages of the County. Jill works in oils, acrylics and water colours. She is equally adept in all three mediums.

Get in touch

Contact Oriel Llantaglos Gallery by email.

You may contact Pembrokeshire-based artist, Jill Jones here

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