Pembrokeshire Art by Jillian Jones

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Pembrokeshire Art by Jillian Jones

Pembrokeshire art: The sea is so captivating because of it’s ever-changing colours and movement. Moreover, in Pembrokeshire there’s lots of it! This is why Jill’s originals and prints feature Seascapes primarily. However, she also paints atmospheric, traditional cottages and the quaint landscapes of rural Pembrokeshire.

Jill’s Painting style

Pembrokeshire art: seascape
A typical Pembrokeshire seascape

Jill’s Pembrokeshire art is mainly impressionistic and displays sweeping brushstrokes and skillfully blended colours. All her works feature warm, welcoming and nurturing tones. Jill is based in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Britain’s only coastal national park and close to the sea. Indeed, she creates all her works at her West Coast Studio, a stones throw from the ocean. In fact, her current listings are available online at

Pembrokeshire art: traditional cottages
Evocative traditional Pembrokeshire cottages

Commission your own unique Pembrokeshire art

Pembrokeshire Art welcomes commissions. Furthermore, they not as costly as you might think. Simply provide a photograph or location of your favourite Pembrokeshire view, coastal or rural and Jill will paint it. Indeed, uniquely just for you! Why not phone Jill for a chat about the landscape painting you’d like specially creating?

Size-wise, Jill’s works are in the medium sized bracket, ranging roughly from 40cm x 40 cm to 75 x 75 cm and in between.

Calm down and relax with Pembrokeshire art

Since the arrival of Covid into all of our lives, many people have realised how much they appreciate time to contemplate more. To take a step back, to stop for a moment and breathe. Perhaps to meditate and to enjoy the benefits of soothing sounds and sights. So fill up your senses with one of Jill’s calming or stunning pieces; the choice of which particular dynamic is yours! Jill’s work will enhance the decor of any interior!

Contact Jill

If you are interested in one of Jill’s pieces, or would like to commission a unique Pembrokeshire artwork please contact by email. Alternatively, to discuss a project call 01437 781386.

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