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Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire. If you are a budding artist and live in Pembrokeshire or love to visit the County then ‘Havens Art School’ art classes may be for you. Well-known artist, Jill Jones, is the tutor and runs the classes in her custom-built studio near Little Haven. You’ll find ‘West Coast Studio’ just a mile from the wonderful Pembrokeshire coast. This is a constant source of artistic inspiration for Jill and many of her students. Thus, from Little Haven, head up the hill towards Dale. In just over a mile, you will see the sign for The Havens Art School on the left, in the hamlet of Talbenny.

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire: the art school
The Art School

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire. Jill runs regular art classes in West Coast Studio under the banner of ‘Art your Way’. Students will find that these classes are custom-designed for individual needs, no matter what the student’s ability. From complete novices to experienced artists all take new inspiration from Jill’s informal, intuitive and expert teaching methods. Classes are from one to four students and range in duration from a half-day to four days (accommodation can be arranged nearby). Of course, subjects include paintings of the Pembrokeshire coast but, additionally, many other subjects can be covered also. All materials are provided.

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire: Students Jean, Vicky and Jan with their completed paintings
Students Jean, Vicky and Jan with their completed paintings

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshire: how to book a class

You may book a class in a number of ways. First, you may email Jill’s website,, using Second, simply pick up a phone and call 01437 781386. Third, go to Pembrokeshire Art Classes’ Facebook page and send a message.

Of course, all classes include refreshments, tea, coffee or cold drinks. Additionally, homemade lunches are provided on full-day courses. Furthermore, accommodation nearby can be arranged for those travelling from afar.

Art Tuition in Pembrokeshre: Student Sonia at work
Student Sonia at work

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